Das Rad – mixing “Veer”

Martin and Nick at Seaview Studios, doing the final mix of “Lutraphobia” (google it!) for our 4th album “Veer”, due out within a month or two. This will be the first album to feature Jon Short on bass!  

“Veer” almost ready

Veer is the latest album from Sheffield-based Das Rad, about whom one reviewer said “They walk in the footsteps of the rock/jazz/fusion gods of the 70s but make their imprints deeper, more unshapely, and longer-lasting. Ears be blown here, folks. Godlike”. Currently at the mixing stage, it builds on and develops their unique “improg” style. […]

Recording bass…

A short (cough) video of Jon laying down some fretless bass on a track from our forthcoming (as yet untitled) album.