A remix of one of the tracks from “Laik Tors”. The footage of dragonflies was taken in the Lincolnshire Wolds at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Kapow rehearsal

As light grows at the end of the covid tunnel, we’re starting to work on a live set – here’s a first blast at a track from our third album “Laik Tors”

Laik Tors – out now!

Our third album is now released! Here’s the opening track “Kapow!”, full of the distinctive Das Rad magic! Buy it here  

Mixing Laik Tors

Laik Tors cover

Our third album is now mixed and heading to the pressing plant soon. Here’s Martin contemplating the cow bell level during the mixdowns.  

Picture This

After a day trip to Sandal Castle in Wakefield, we’re now wading through several hundred images to select one for the “Laik Tors” album sleeve, not an easy task!

Recording for #3

Our third album “Laik Tors” is now at the mixing stage. Here’s Nick laying down some 12 string (inspired by the Troggs)

Spank that plank!

adios sessions (2)

Here’s a quick snippet of guitar from a track on our forthcoming  album “Laik Tors”. We didn’t want you to think Nick has gone pentatonic in his old age 😉