We are officially “interesting”!

steve davis

Snooker legend Steve Davis has an excellent radio programme, “The Interesting Alternative Show” well worth checking out. He recently played a track from our second album “Adios Al Futuro“!

Adios Mash – Geese für Coda

Following the series of mashups for DR#1, we’ve been too busy working on DR#3 to “interpret” anything from Adios, but here’s something for you – one of the tracks, backwards and at half speed. Quite enchanting, isn’t it? A bonus point if you recognise the track!  

QuaranJazz interview

radio show

Our Martin was interviewed about his label & career, plus “Inside Reverse” gets an airing 😉  

Radio Sheffield

BBC Upload - featured - 1 person

Nick is interviewed by Ellie Colton on BBC Radio Sheffield’s Upload programme to be streamed on Wednesday 14th October at 9pm. Oslo Star is the featured track.

Stamp your feet

Adios cover

Here’s the classic album they forgot to put on a stamp – maybe 20 years down the line…..


gramps meme

We have fans in the country!