Kapow rehearsal

As light grows at the end of the covid tunnel, we’re starting to work on a live set – here’s a first blast at a track from our third album “Laik Tors”

Nick’s solo album

  Das Rad Guitarist Nick Robinson has released a solo album “Lost Garden” on Discus Music. Created solely with a guitar, the music has attracted favourable comments from Adrian Belew and Steve Hackett and several other notables. The album is a world away from the typical guitarists cliched “riff with melody” albums and explores the […]

and then there were 4….

As the world seems to be establishing a new equilibrium, we’ve decide we should work towards some live dates (before zimmer frames become essential). Having thought it through, we realised that Martin has insufficient limbs to play sax, keyboard and bass simultaneously so we’ve invited the amazing Jon Short to “come on down” and join […]

Laik Tors – out now!

Our third album is now released! Here’s the opening track “Kapow!”, full of the distinctive Das Rad magic! Buy it here  

Mixing Laik Tors

Laik Tors cover

Our third album is now mixed and heading to the pressing plant soon. Here’s Martin contemplating the cow bell level during the mixdowns.  

Picture This

After a day trip to Sandal Castle in Wakefield, we’re now wading through several hundred images to select one for the “Laik Tors” album sleeve, not an easy task!

We are officially “interesting”!

steve davis

Snooker legend Steve Davis has an excellent radio programme, “The Interesting Alternative Show” well worth checking out. He recently played a track from our second album “Adios Al Futuro“!

Recording for #3

Our third album “Laik Tors” is now at the mixing stage. Here’s Nick laying down some 12 string (inspired by the Troggs)

Adios Mash – Geese fĂŒr Coda

Following the series of mashups for DR#1, we’ve been too busy working on DR#3 to “interpret” anything from Adios, but here’s something for you – one of the tracks, backwards and at half speed. Quite enchanting, isn’t it? A bonus point if you recognise the track!  

Double review

peanuts meme

From Audion / Ultima Thule DAS RAD ADIOS AL FUTURO No, not a bunch of Teutonic radicals, Das Rad got their name (partly, I think) from Steve Dinsdale’s first electronic band named DAS, who were the precursor to Radio Massacre International, and adding the first letter of each member’s surname (which is also the first […]

Spank that plank!

adios sessions (2)

Here’s a quick snippet of guitar from a track on our forthcoming  album “Laik Tors”. We didn’t want you to think Nick has gone pentatonic in his old age 😉