10″ Vinyl EP


Two new tracks on 10” vinyl (plus download) in a strictly limited edition, each signed and numbered. The DL will remain available – the vinyl has sold out. 

As vinyl lovers from our younger days, Discus Music always hoped to revisit the format when economically viable and here is a “toe in the water” release. If it’s a success, more may follow!

It features 2 tracks by Das Rad, especially recorded for this project – “Qul Na Qar” and “Alysum”. Individually hand-cut and checked by a local lathier, the package will include gifts such as hand-made origami and signed sleeve liner.

The music continues to progress from the sounds heard on the trio’s first two full length CDs, this time with each side of the vinyl occupied by a 7 minute “mini-suite” packed with detail and full of interesting twists.

alysum cover